BabylonJS - Environment Setup

In this chapter, we will learn how to set up the environment for BabylonJS.

To start with the setup, visit the official website of Babylon.js − Go to the download section and choose the latest version of Babylon.js and store in your folder.

The screenshot for the same is as follows −

BabylonJS Website Screenshot

You can also go to GITHUB and clone the babylonjs project −


In your command line type −

git clone
go to cd BabylonJS/
npm install

The required files will be available in the BabylonJS folder.

You can use the VSCode (Microsoft Visual Studio Code) for editing.The code comes with builtin functionalities like highlighting if any error, hightlighting the syntax, etc. You can use the editor of your choice and it is not mandatory to use only VSCode.

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