Assertiveness Questionnaire


Given below is a list of scenarios. Try imagining yourself in them to see how comfortable you feel in each of the following situations.

Assertiveness Questionnaire

Do you wish to check your own assertiveness? Use this questionnaire by following these guidelines −

  • Read the scenario carefully.

  • Tick in one of the columns 1, 2, 3, or 4 according to your level of comfort given as follows −

    • 1 − You are very uncomfortable

    • 2 − You are slightly uncomfortable

    • 3 − You are reasonably comfortable

    • 4 − You are very comfortable

  • Tally the total ticks in the individual boxes.

If you get more than 5 ticks on 4, you are an assertive person!

You can speak up when you didn’t get the service you expected in a restaurant.
When you are angry, you tend to express it.
You can keep cool when a person criticizes you.
You can speak in front of a group of people.
You can tell a person to stop doing something that annoys or bothers you.
You can request your friend unapologetically to return an item he borrowed.
You can start a conversation with a stranger.
You can return a defective item to the shop you bought it from.
You can ask someone a favor of him.
You can admit to ignorance on a particular topic.
You can deal with opposing ideas and constructive criticism.
You can say ‘no’ unapologetically to a request someone made to you.
You express your feelings in front of a friend.
You can argue with another person for your rights.
You can refuse a friend a favor when you are not interested.

Download Practice-Sheet, to check How assertive you are?