As an HR of a company, what kind of attitude should I carry at work?

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Human Resource manager or HR of a company holds quite a significant role in the overall functionality of the proceedings carried out in an organization. However, an HR sometimes may appear quite different in the other employees' depiction. So, why does it happen? Plainly because the responsibilities the HR person has to carry. But can it be done without being characterized? Here's the answer:

Attitude You Must Carry

  • Not To Be Too Close to Anyone In the Office: Human Resource Manager should be someone who alienates himself/herself in the office. This is because, HR is involved in dealing with leave applications, appraisal letters of various employees. The information of which should not be disclosed knowingly or unknowingly to anyone.

  • Be A Diplomat: HR of a company should be neither too close nor too far-fetched in the company. A person who knows what to speak and when to speak is well-suited to be HR of a company.

  • Not Emotional: It is not good to involve and engage in some private affairs of someone, on the basis of someone’s leave sanctioning request. Being emotional is definitely not expected from an HR.

  • A Lifelong Learner: You have to deal with a lot of psychological insights and keep yourself updated with financial reforms being revised time to time, this can be possible only if a person is willing to be a lifelong learner.

  • People’s Lover: An HR has to deal with people all the day long. Listen to their issues, seek to motivate them, carry on tasks which help them reveal their talents and help in team support. All this is possible if the HR is an inviting person. Now, inviting does not mean that HR should be one who is always escaping his/her work in order to do the good to others.

In a nutshell, an HR manager can be a role model for the employees if he conducts himself well.

Published on 30-Jan-2019 13:03:21