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Difference Between SCSI and IDE

Md. Sajid
Updated on 13-Jul-2023 20:12:08


SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) and IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) are two interface types used to connect storage devices to computers. SCSI is suitable for complicated installations and server environments due to its high performance. IDE is a simpler interface that is largely used to connect internal storage devices to desktop computers. Read this article to find out more about SCSI and IDE and how they are different from each other. What is SCSI? SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) is a series of standards that establish a parallel interface for connecting various peripheral devices to a computer, notably storage devices. ... Read More

Database Languages and Interface

Amrendra Patel
Updated on 14-Jul-2023 15:29:55


Database Languages Database languages are used to read, store and update the data in the database. Specific languages are used to perform various operations of the database. Types of Database Languages DDL(Data Definition Language) Data Definition Language(DDL) is used for describing structures or patterns and its relationship in a database. It is also used to define the database schema, tables, index, Constraints, etc. It can also be used to store information like the number of tables, names, columns, indexes, etc. The commands only affect the database structure and not the data. The commands ... Read More

Hootsuite Alternatives

Shirjeel Yunus
Updated on 07-Jun-2023 16:11:19


What is Hootsuite? Hootsuite is a platform that is used to manage social media with the help of different features. Social media can be planned, scheduled, and syndicated with the help of this tool. Hootsuite has many features and some of them are − Schedules can be created automatically Reports regarding performance Task management Monitoring of social media Hootsuite is beneficial as users can save time in social media marketing. There is no need to log in on each social media platform. You can manage all of them through a single platform. Cost of Hootsuite The plans and ... Read More

Backpage Alternatives

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Updated on 05-Jun-2023 16:09:00


What is Backpage? Backpage is a platform where people can publish their personal classifieds to get customers or to sell or buy sex. The website has been banned by the authorities as it used to publish adults and children. Backpage became a highly popular website in 2010. Later the website became a sex trafficking resource for ads and was able to get a revenue of $100 million. Why Backpage alternatives? There are a few disadvantages of this website that are as follows − The website has been banned due to sex trafficking ads People stopped using free classified sites ... Read More

Database Interfaces

Hardik Gupta
Updated on 26-Apr-2023 16:47:32

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A software program known as a database management system (DBMS) is used to manage, compile, and store data in a systematic manner. The user and the database are connected through DBMS interfaces. They give users an easy-to-use interface so they may access and change the data that is stored in the database. There are several DBMS interface types, each created to meet certain user requirements. The most typical kinds of DBMS interfaces are as follows − Command-Line Interface (CLI) The earliest and most fundamental form of DBMS interface is the command-line interface (CLI). Through the use of a command ... Read More

PDF Drive Alternatives

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Updated on 18-Apr-2023 17:10:30

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What is PDF Drive? PDF Drive is a search engine that will help you to search and download PDFs. The website has more than 75 million books articles, magazines, etc. There is a long list of categories some of which include business, career, health, medicine, arts, and many more. You can either scroll through the books or search for the one that you are looking for. You can create a free or premium account to get the books. Cost of PDF Drive PDF Drive has both free and premium versions. You can download books through both accounts but cloud storage ... Read More

Common Gateway Interface

Updated on 14-Apr-2023 17:35:32

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The common gateway interface is the middleware in which the web servers execute the user request from an external program. Such programs are called CGI programs. CGI provides the framework for the programs on interaction with HTTP(Hyper text transfer Protocol) server. The user request through forms is passed on to the application program which processes the data and may give a confirmation message back. This process is called as Common Gateway Interface. Overview Definition The Common Gateway Interface is the standard interface between the WWW consortium and the external program. The CGI(Common Gateway Interface) is an executable program that is ... Read More

uTorrent Alternatives

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Updated on 12-Apr-2023 15:43:39

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What is uTorrent? uTorrent is a free software which can be used to download large files. The tool supports 67 languages and it has 100 million users all over the world. The app is compatible with desktop and handheld devices. It is a closed source and is supported by ads. uTorrent can be used to download different types of files like videos, books, movies, and many more. The tool also provides the facility of pausing downloads and resuming them later. Cost of uTorrent The uTorrent app is available for free. It consists of many features needed to download videos, books, ... Read More

HD Streamz Alternatives

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Updated on 05-Apr-2023 16:25:59

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What is HD Streamz? If you are planning to watch the IPL 223 on your mobile, laptop, or desktop, you need to download and install HD Streamz apk. The app will allow you to watch live matches. The app can be installed on iOS and Android devices. The app can be used to stream TV channels from different countries. You can also use the app to watch your favorite shows and movies through the app. Cost of HD Streamz You do not need to pay anything to use the app as it is available free of cost. Why there is ... Read More