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Difference Between RCA and Component Cables

Md. Sajid
Updated on 15-May-2023 15:54:45


RCA (Radio Corporation of America) and Component are two different types of video and audio connectors. RCA is a type of analogue connector that is extensively used in consumer electrical devices such as televisions, DVD players, and cable boxes. A component is a type of analogue connector that is often used in higher-end consumer electronic devices such as HDTVs and Blu- ray players. Read this article to find out more about RCA and Component and how they are different from each other. What is RCA? RCA stands for "Radio Corporation of America" and is a type of analogue connector used ... Read More

Oreo TV Alternatives

Shirjeel Yunus
Updated on 05-Apr-2023 16:09:22


What is Oreo TV? OreoTV is an Android application which can be used for streaming live TV channels. The app will let you watch all the movies and TV shows along with many other entertainment content. Content is provided with high resolution and you can find a wide variety of movies, TV serials, and videos. The app also provides the feature of downloading the content of your choice. There are no subscription charges so you can watch your favorites free of cost. Cost of Oreo TV Users do not have to pay any subscription or other charges to watch their ... Read More