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Attitude Behavior Relationship

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 22-Dec-2022 11:46:21


The brand funnel notion is grounded in traditional consumer behavior theories' basic trichotomy of intellect, attachment, and action. Those familiar with the product and who possess a favorable impression of it are more inclined to purchase it, at least in theory. Even if a smoker knows and is concerned that smoking is detrimental to his health, that knowledge and those fears may not be enough to dissuade him from lighting up; here we see the Attitude-Behavior Huge disparity, which demonstrates that there is often a very poor or missing association between actions and behavior However, it only sometimes considers the ... Read More

Aggression: Meaning & Characteristics

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 22-Dec-2022 11:36:25


The term "aggression" describes various actions that might cause injury to oneself, others, or inanimate things. Aggression is marked by an intent to inflict pain on another person. We all experience anger from time to time, but persistent or excessive aggression may indicate a mental health problem, drug abuse, or other medical problems. What is Aggression? Aggression is any action taken with the intent of causing physical injury to another creature whose survival instincts tell it to avoid being treated in this way. Anger and hatred may be expressed via aggression for various reasons, including intimidating and maybe dangerous, ... Read More

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