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Drug addicts and their treatment by modern society

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 17-Mar-2023 11:35:43


Introduction Drug addiction is a significant problem that affects people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. It is a chronic disease characterized by compulsive drug use and a solid physical and psychological dependence on the substance. Drug addiction can lead to physical and mental health issues, inability to form meaningful relationships, financial difficulties, and even death. The most common drugs of addiction are alcohol, opioids, stimulants, and depressants. When it comes to drug misuse, alcohol is far and away the most prevalent, and it may lead to a wide variety of health issues, both physically and mentally. It has ... Read More

Group Polarization: Meaning & Applicability

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 29-Dec-2022 10:58:01


"Group Polarisation" refers to how people inside a group become increasingly unified in their views while having begun from diverse perspectives. This happens because group participation magnifies the effects of individual engagement, further skewing attitudes and views toward social norms. What is the Meaning of Group Polarization? When groups make decisions, they often go to the most extreme positions. Members of a group will exhibit a change toward a more cautious attitude about a choice when they debate it as part of a similar group, compared to when they make the same decision alone. Others are more likely to take ... Read More

Other Determinants of Helping

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 29-Dec-2022 10:53:52


Most youngsters learn that assisting the elderly is wonderful. Rescuers are relentlessly freeing the trapped miners. Soldiers risk their lives to rescue wounded comrades. Firefighters and police rush inside burning buildings to rescue trapped people. Most individuals help stranded or wounded drivers. Everyday sacrifices include utilizing less of a precious resource or contributing more to the general good. These behaviors are "personal and social behavior." Prosocial activity is any voluntary act that helps others. The most crucial factor is that the individual getting aid is helping rather than being forced to. Action motives are unimportant. This is performed for friendship, ... Read More

Social Representation Theory: Meaning & Applicability

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 29-Dec-2022 10:43:26


Psychologist Serge Moscovici recommended social representation (SR) in 1961 to bridge the gap between isolated mental processes and interpersonal interactions. People and communications are viewed as the creators of symbolic realities. These are how people organize their views of the world and connect, but instead shape the physical forms of cultural artifacts. What does Social Representation Theory Explain? The social bonds that hold societies, organizations, and groups together result from the common cognitions that emerge during the process of collective meaning, which is at the heart of social representations. It shifts public attention to issues that spark heated debate, emotional ... Read More

Fundamental Attribution Error

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 29-Dec-2022 10:39:23


As a general rule, one is very forgiving of other humans while subjecting oneself to an extremely high standard of responsibility. One has committed the basic attribution mistake if, for example, one has ever criticized a "lazy colleague" because of being delayed to a presentation but then explained always being early in one's meeting the following day. People's faulty worldview is the underlying cause of the basic attribution mistake. Although one likely has a good sense of one's character, goals, and the external circumstances that influence one's day-to-day life, one probably needs a complete picture of everybody else's. Its negative ... Read More

Violence and the Media

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 29-Dec-2022 10:30:31


News outlets deeply influence our adolescents' attitudes, beliefs, and actions. One prevalent aspect of digital mass news outlets has especially negative effects on a family's well-being. Over the last fifty years of research, it has been clear that just as being up in an abusive environment raises the likelihood of abusive conduct, so does access to coercion seen on television, in films, and, most lately, in video games. Correspondingly, the recent rise in youth use of mobile phones, texting, e-mail, and chat sessions has opened new arenas for socialization where hostile behavior can occur, and youngsters can be victims; arenas ... Read More

Values: Definition and Meaning

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 29-Dec-2022 10:28:24


Some values—those that serve as the foundation for moral judgments—seem to have a more visceral impact on judgment, affecting how people feel about a subject, circumstance, or option apart from their cognitive assessment of the subject, circumstance, or option. As a result, values can trigger both emotional (feeling) and cognitive (thinking) reactions. Whether a value is consciously considered during decision-making still impacts judgments and behavior. In other words, a value can be connected to a decision without being explicitly connected. What is Value? When values are significant to the actor and relevant to the situation, they are more likely to ... Read More

Group Process: Meaning & Characteristics

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 29-Dec-2022 10:25:32

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The term "group process" is used to describe the method through which individuals within a given group accomplish their goals. In most cases, organizations put in much effort to establish and pursue objectives. However, they pay scant attention to the interactions among and within the group's most valuable resource: its members. It is critical to attend to members' needs while working hard to achieve goals. Supporting a cause, raising money, or educating the campus community greatly benefits from joining a club. Becoming involved in a club may also boost self-esteem, improve skills, and introduce you to new people. What is ... Read More

Altruism: Meaning & Characteristics

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 29-Dec-2022 10:22:52


Practicing altruism entails sacrificing personal gain for the sake of others. Contrary to popular belief, studies have shown that humans are more inclined to work together than against one another, that even young children would assist strangers out of genuine care for their well-being, and that non-human primates show signs of altruism. Scientists who study human evolution believe that kindness and cooperation are hardwired into our species because they aid in maintaining the viability of the human population. "Sympathy" and "benevolence" are terms Darwin used to describe altruism, which he said is "a fundamental element of the social instincts." People's ... Read More

Theory of Planned Behavior

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 29-Dec-2022 10:20:28


It was in the 1980s that researchers began using what would become known as the theory of planned behavior to anticipate when and where an individual would act on a particular intention. The idea intended to account for any behavior people might engage in. One is the subjective evaluation of the drawbacks and benefits of the outcome, as well as one's belief in the likelihood that the behavior will produce the desired result, all of which shape a person's actual intent to act. What does Theory of Planned Behavior Explain? The concept postulates three primary factors in creating an individual's ... Read More

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