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Project Management Terms and Concepts

Anurag Gummadi
Updated on 22-Dec-2022 16:13:29
Project management is a tough, challenging job. It's no surprise that there would be jargon, terminology, and knowledge that needs to be learned. That's just what happened over the years and is still happening today. The following is a list of project management concepts and terms that will benefit you even if you're a seasoned veteran. If you need an introduction to project management, maybe these short definitions will help. General Terms and Concepts Let us look into a few common terms and concepts. Project Plan A project plan is a document that lays out the details of a ... Read More

Project Management in Real Estate Industry

Anurag Gummadi
Updated on 22-Dec-2022 16:05:53
Since it was discovered, project management has been applied to many different industries, even high-tech, and manufacturing operations. This method originally started in the construction industry, where it was first developed for controlling schedules, costs, and specifications. Managing a big project can be challenging, but it's really all in the planning. Successful project management is the ability to connect each component to the others and how they fit together. There are a lot of different components that go into any real estate project, unlike any other domain. What do you Understand By Real Estate Project Management? Project management is ... Read More

Project Management Experience for PMP Certification

Anurag Gummadi
Updated on 22-Dec-2022 14:00:27
The PMP certificate has such weight in the industry because someone who has this certification is a qualified project manager with all of the necessary qualifications. If you want to earn your PMP certificate, it may seem daunting due to the requirements. PMP certification Requirements In order to have a PMP certificate, there are a couple of requirements − Project management education of about 35 hours Experience in hours (a specified number) The PMP certification is one of the most prestigious degrees for project managers. The job expectations for a project manager are diverse, which makes it easy ... Read More

Project Life Cycle Vs. Product Life Cycle

Anurag Gummadi
Updated on 22-Dec-2022 13:57:51
Marketing can impact how your product is marketed, but there's still a huge difference between marketing and promotion. However, understanding the project life cycle and product life cycle and having some strategies for their use will help you integrate both into your business plans with maximum effectiveness. Product Life Cycle A product's life cycle might be represented by five stages: Development, Introduction, Growth, Maturity, and Decline. In the beginning, there were no sales yet. After people try the product and are receptive to it, there will begin to be some sales during the growth phase. Eventually, as sales decline, the ... Read More

PMP or CAPM - Which Project Management Certification?

Anurag Gummadi
Updated on 22-Dec-2022 13:52:23
Project management is on the rise. More than 15 million jobs were available in 2022, and companies across many industries are searching for new project managers with relevant experience and qualifications. Want to increase your credibility and career opportunities? Invest in one of these two specialized PMI-certified certifications-- CAPM or PMP. Understanding the differences between them is critical because your choice will influence how you're perceived in the industry. Requirements for PMP or CAPM Certifications If you're looking to start a career in project management and don't have project management experience or an advanced degree, the CAPM certification is ... Read More

PMP Exam Preparation-Prerequisites and Syllabus

Anurag Gummadi
Updated on 22-Dec-2022 12:47:11
You earn the title of "Project Management Professional" (PMP) by successfully passing the PMP certification exam. Once you are a PMP, you can help your company get new projects in order, manage deadlines, coordinate team efforts, and complete projects on time. As the most recognized and valued individual certification in project management, the PMP designation opens doors to a world of opportunities. In many cases, it's a mandatory qualification for a project management role. With our help and guidance, you, too, can become a respected and certified project manager who can work anywhere in the world. As the most recognized ... Read More

Importance of Good Communications and Story Telling

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Updated on 22-Dec-2022 12:40:11
Just in case you have forgotten, you hear stories all day long. That might be on the radio or a clip of a television commercial before a video. You will always remember at least one story because they've impacted your life. Stories have been linked to human communication behavior for centuries. Stories can be used to tell many different things and illustrate the power that stories have in persuading, informing, influencing, and motivating action. Nowadays, the emergence of storytelling in various fields has gained recognition by practitioners like public relations, marketing communications, and more. An influential paper from 1992 highlights ... Read More

Evolution of Project Management Certifications

Anurag Gummadi
Updated on 22-Dec-2022 12:36:24
Project management developed during the 1950s as a separate discipline because of changes in the social and economic structures. Project management is now available as a career option, with certification becoming increasingly important over the years. Project Management Certification, PMP, is a globally recognized certification granted by Project Management Institute, which was founded in 1967. With this certification, you're sure that your company is in good hands. What do you Understand by Project Management? While projects can last for only a limited time, they have an intended goal and expected result. Depending on the resources available and the time ... Read More

Difference Between Project Management and General Operations Management

Anurag Gummadi
Updated on 22-Dec-2022 12:26:50
This guide will cover both project management and general operations management so that you have all of the information necessary to make an educated decision when it's time to decide on becoming a project manager or general operations manager. General Operations Management Project managers typically handle specific jobs and tasks, while operations managers take care of entire teams and larger projects. The project manager role is more temporary in nature, while the general operations manager position is more permanent in scope. Operations management involves planning and executing activities and functions that produce products or services. There are three main ... Read More

Common Mistakes Beginner Quality Managers Make

Anurag Gummadi
Updated on 22-Dec-2022 12:25:12
Quality managers are essential for any company. They help ensure operations run smoothly, and that all products and services are consistent. Although it's only natural to make mistakes at the start, new recruits should try their best to prevent them, even if it's just a learning process. Making mistakes is part of the job when it comes to managing quality. Although nobody ever plans to make them, you'll want to be prepared and know what to look for if you become a beginner or are working with someone who is new to the field. A Few Avoidable Mistakes by Quality ... Read More