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White Privilege: Meaning and Definition

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 11-May-2023 15:13:53
Academic approaches like critical race theory employ the idea to examine how racism and racialized societies affect the lives of white or persons of light skin in the study of white privilege and its broader area of whiteness studies, both pioneered in the United States. For instance, the American academic Peggy McIntosh called the benefits that white people receive in Western countries but that non-white people do not receive "an invisible package of unearned assets." In contrast to overt bias or prejudice, white privilege refers to hidden as well as overt passive benefits that white people may not ... Read More

White Collar Crime & Laws in India

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 11-May-2023 15:08:33
Generally, crimes could be distinguished as White collar crimes and Blue Collar crimes. The difference between White Collar Crimes and Blue Collar Crimes is that the latter are the traditional crimes whereas the former are the crimes committed by professionals in course of their occupation by breach of trust. A special status has been provided to these offences because when a person approaches a professional for help then that person creates a trust over that professional. When that professional breaks the trust of the common man, it not only hurts the common man but there is a distrust over ... Read More

Violence: Meaning and Types

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 11-May-2023 14:55:10
Worldwide, violence is a rather typical sort of human behavior. Anyone can be aggressive, but older teens and young adults are more likely to act violently. Children are particularly vulnerable to the harm caused by violence, which has a multitude of harmful repercussions on those who see or experience it. Fortunately, a number of programs have been effective in avoiding and reducing violence. For every violent death, there are dozens of hospitalizations, hundreds of trips to the ER, and thousands of doctor's appointments. Violence can also hinder social and economic progress and often has long-term effects on both ... Read More

Violence and Crime against Children in India

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 11-May-2023 14:49:08
Children are one of the most vulnerable classes. They are innocent and immature to understand the bad intention of any person, because of which they easily fall prey to the evil done by any other person. The violence or any kind of crime which may be committed against the children by any person including their parents, family members, teacher or even their guardians. The crimes committed against children includes foeticide, gender determination of foetus, sexual abuse and exploitation, molestation, rape, kidnapping, etc. these offences have been acknowledged by the Indian laws and made punishable accordingly. What are the crimes ... Read More

Work Week and weekend: Definition and Meaning

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 11-May-2023 14:30:12
Judaism, which dates to at least the sixth century BC, is most likely where a continuous seven-day cycle first appeared. This cycle ignores the moon's phases entirely and has a definite day of rest. To conform to global markets, more nations adopted either a Friday-Saturday or a Saturday-Sunday weekend throughout the ensuing decades, especially in the 1940s and 1960s. A number of workweek changes implemented in the middle to late 2000s and early 2010s brought the majority of Arab nations' working hours, workweek lengths, and weekend days into alignment with those of the majority of other nations. Meaning of ... Read More

Wrongful Birth: Meaning and Elements

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 11-May-2023 14:24:54
To raise a strong and healthy kid today, prenatal tests frequently replace the eugenic Spartan inspection practice. If the doctor falsely informs the parents that the child is healthy and the parents fail to exercise their right to an abortion, the doctor may be held accountable and may face claims of unlawful life or birth. "Wrongful life" is a contradiction in terms because damage is assigned to "life, " which has intrinsic worth and sanctity. A doctor who allegedly failed to give the proper prenatal counseling or information may be sued under the legal theory of wrongful birth ... Read More

Wrongful Life: Definition and Meaning

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 11-May-2023 14:20:19
The phrase "wrongful life" is also occasionally used to refer to what are more properly known as "wrongful living" claims, which contend that medical professionals failed to abide by a patient's end-of-life directive (such as a MOLST or POLST) and kept them alive longer than desired, causing unneeded and unwelcome suffering. But the confusion between the two is clear-cut and easily explicable. Although claims for wrongful living and wrongful life occur at opposing ends of the human lifespan, they are related in that both sorts of claims ask for the same type of relief: a ruling that awards ... Read More

Victimization: Definition and Meaning

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 11-May-2023 14:37:42
Despite the tendency of earlier victimization studies to be segmented, a more integrated approach is required due to the frequent comorbidity between the many forms of victimization as well as the related psychiatric problems. Among the main psychological problems that are present in all forms of victimization are the harm done to one's self and interpersonal connections. Trauma does not always include victimization, despite the fact that it frequently does. Meaning of Victimization The act or process of harming or troubling someone by another person is known as victimization. Damage from the incident may be psychological (such as ... Read More

Vicarious Liability of the Government of India

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 11-May-2023 14:10:38
Vicarious liability describes a situation in which one person is accountable for the actions of another. The legal 'maxim qui facit per se per alium facit per se', which literally means "he who does an act through another is deemed in law to do it himself, " is the foundation of this doctrine. The person at whose direction the act is performed as well as the person who performs the act are both liable in the case of vicarious liability. Examples of Vicarious Liability Common examples of such liability include − Principal’s liability for the tort of his agent; ... Read More

Unique Identification Authority and Identity (UIDAI)

Mukesh Kumar
Updated on 11-May-2023 13:50:25
As the most trusted ID, Aadhaar has provided India with a reliable perspective of identification in order to empower the entire populace individually in such a way that no one is left behind on the path of development. It is the best technology for the transparent and targeted delivery of services, benefits, and subsidies with limited resources and no middlemen. Aadhaar inspires more trust and confidence between people and systems, and vice versa, than any other identity document in India. In just over a decade, almost every sixth person in the world has obtained an Aadhaar card. Aadhaar promotes ... Read More
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