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What is a plug-in and how does installing it on my computer help me?

Om Sharma
Updated on 04-May-2022 10:34:44
Plug-in or add-on or extension are basically programs that you can easily install and bring into use as part of your web browser. Well, the use of installing plug-ins are huge for instance, a plug-in enables third-party developers to create merits which make the use of an application even broader. Following are a few more key usage of plug-ins.Support for New FeaturesProviding support to the easy addition of new features is one of the vital tasks of a plug-in. They instantly configure data and quickly make your application adaptable to allow new features to work accurately. Once a plug—in is ... Read More

How much does it cost to deploy applications on the Google Play Store?

Om Sharma
Updated on 27-Apr-2022 06:25:48
Well, to get your app published on Google Play Store you have to pay a sum of $25 USDs as it is the registration fee charged by Google. This is a one-time fee, which allows you to have a developer account and through that, a developer can publish as many applications as he wants until you maintain quality. If an app's quality is poor, Google has all rights reserved to suspend your account. Therefore, quality is essential.Fee for iTunesAs far as publishing your app on iTunes (Apple’s App Store) is concerned, the developer fee can range from free to matching ... Read More

What is the use of Reos message app for smart phones?

Om Sharma
Updated on 26-Jun-2020 16:16:50
Like any other message app, Reos Message is another Message App, but with a difference. It blocks junk and spam, delivers SMS/MMS with great safety, provides instant access to OTP’s, PNR for Fast Utilization and hustle free experience. For your convenience, it extracts meaning from a string of text to enable you to read only the relevant text and let you reply immediately using its unique text input layout.Additional Features Reos Message CarriesThis Message app features an organized inbox, which classifies social and promotional messages using the auto-sort algorithm, which allows you to read texts from friends and family first. ... Read More

What is the difference between HD ready and Full HD Televisions?

Om Sharma
Updated on 26-Apr-2022 11:22:57
An HD Ready TV consist of a TV that can display 720p images (1280 x 720 pixels). On the other hand, FullHD TVs are those capable of displaying 1080p (1920x1080 pixels) videos and you enjoy all lines of each frame of your video drawn on the screen. HD TV is enough if you are going to use it for the purpose of only watching HD cable TV; however, if you are a movie buff and love to enjoy movies in Blu-ray print or a gamer whose world revolves around PS3 and Xbox 360, then FulllHD TV should adorn your home.Why ... Read More

How can I improve performance of a Laptop or PC?

Om Sharma
Updated on 26-Apr-2022 06:27:20
You have an assignment due and just sat down to finish it off quickly, but your slow laptop or PC is creating a trouble for you and the worst part is, you have no clue how to deal with this sluggish piece. No big deal if many users go the verge of even replacing their laptop and PC. Hey, wait! You simply don’t have to. You can give your device a speedy boost easily by making some tweaks here and there, know how?Go to Control PanelSimply open the control panel and remove all the old software, programs, heavy games and ... Read More

Which one is safer Sleep or Hibernate in Windows?

Om Sharma
Updated on 27-Apr-2022 09:53:37
Users generally sleep, hibernate or shut down their PC/laptop without having any clue what exactly these different terms denote. Here, you get clarity for these terms.Sleep ModeIf you leave your device on sleep mode, it allows you to work resume your work at the cost of some electricity as it moves to the low power state. It is also known popularly as Standby. As soon as you turn your device on, the whole device will snap back to life instantly. The files you left open will be taken care of automatically.HibernatePutting your laptop/PC on hibernate mode is more or less ... Read More

What importance does whatsapp status hold these days?

Om Sharma
Updated on 27-Apr-2022 11:26:58
Well, it’s completely an individual’s choice whether he/she updates their status or not; however, it’s even good to change it on a regular basis because this is one of the things which keeps you excited about technology as well as your contact. Although, it’s true that people hardly care about your status, but still they notice what is mentioned underneath your name once in a while or when you have something exceptional.Constantly Updating Status: A Major ThreatThose who constantly update their status are more prone to invite a threat from criminals and stalkers. A status that gives clues about you ... Read More