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Bernoulli’s Principle

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 28-Apr-2023 18:12:11


Introduction Bernoulli’s principle can be underst ood it with a simple explanation that when fluid goes from a high-diameter pipe to a low-diameter duct, the speed of the fluid increases many times. Yes, it is true, but is it that simple? Not at all. This principle is quite complex, with many formulas and factors controlling it. There are many applications worldwide utilizing this beautiful principle. One of the common examples explaining Bernoulli's principle is that the pull you feel towards the train in a railway station when a train passes through the platform, and if you are waiting near the ... Read More

Density of gases

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 26-Apr-2023 14:38:26


Introduction Density can be described as a substance's mass per unit volume at a particular temperature and pressure. A gas's density is also determined by its mass divided by its volume. Additionally, once you are aware of a gas's density, you may determine its molar mass. All gases density varies with temperature and pressure. In this article we will learn how to calculate gas’s density. What is the Density of Gas? Gases are very responsive to changes in temperature and pressure, regardless of how slight the change may be since they are compressible, have constantly molecules are moving. Weak intermolecular ... Read More

Difference Between 5 Dextrose Saline and Dextrose Saline

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 25-Apr-2023 13:42:59


Dextrose saline and 5% dextrose saline are both types of intravenous solutions that are commonly used in clinical settings for various purposes, including fluid and electrolyte replacement, maintenance, and resuscitation. While these two solutions may seem similar, they have significant differences in their composition, indications, and contraindications, which may affect their use in specific patient populations. What is 5 Dextrose Saline? 5 dextrose is 5 percent dextrose which is a mixture of dextrose and water. 5 dextrose is an intravenous sugar solution that is composed of 5 gms of dextrorotatory form of glucose dissolved in 100 ml of H2O. Since ... Read More

Does Coconut Water Count as Fluid?

Someswar Pal
Updated on 24-Apr-2023 12:00:34


It's a sweltering day out, and after a run, a long walk, a sweaty session at the gym, or even if you're just chilling in your pajamas at home – a cool, refreshing drink is just the thing you need. And there are a great variety of fluid options out there, sports drinks, sodas, coconut water, and just plain old H2O as well. But have you ever wondered if coconut water actually counts as a fluid? Have you been drinking this yummy, fresh fluid in vain? Coconut water 100% counts as a fluid. What's more, it's one of the most ... Read More

Archimedes Principle Explanation

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 18-Apr-2023 12:05:57


Introduction Archimedes’ Principle is an important principle of fluid mechanics. It is discovered by a Greek mathematician and scientist Archimedes. This principle is utilized to estimate the volume of an object that has an irregular shape, density, and distinct gravity of an object. What is Archimedes' Principle? A body placed on a fluid (liquid or gas) will experience an upward buoyant force. This force is equal to the amount of fluid displaced by the body. In the case of a completely immersed body or partially immersed body, the volume of the fluid displaced by the body will be equal to ... Read More

Properties of Gases

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 18-Apr-2023 10:38:24


Introduction Gas is a peculiar condition of matter wherein the molecules seem to be widely separated and continually moving at tremendous speeds. Gases possess no fixed size, shape, or volume. Ideal gases include those in wherein the intermolecular attractive forces become zero. In ideal gases, molecules travel at high rates of speed, which causes all particles to be far distant from the closest particle, reducing the bonds between the molecules. Natural gases at extreme temps as well as low pressures are suitable. As the temp rises, so does the kinetic energy, causing the intermolecular force to diminish. What is Gaseous ... Read More

Does Tea Count as Fluid?

Manish Panchal
Updated on 14-Apr-2023 16:58:40


Indeed, tea can be considered a fluid and help with daily hydration requirements. Tea, which largely consists of water, can aid in meeting the body's daily fluid needs. In reality, as long as it is consumed without added sugars or other sweeteners, which can increase calorie consumption and possibly have harmful effects on health, tea can be a healthy method to stay hydrated. It's vital to be aware that some tea varieties, including black tea and green tea, include caffeine. Caffeine has a slight diuretic effect and can cause some water loss in the body. The overall hydrating effects of ... Read More

Does Sparkling Water Count as Fluid?

Manish Panchal
Updated on 14-Apr-2023 16:58:11


Sparkling water does qualify as a fluid and can help you meet your daily hydration requirements. Sparkling water, like still water, can aid in maintaining hydration, particularly for people who dislike the flavour of plain water. Although the bubbles in sparkling water may cause you to feel fuller or more bloated, the carbonation has little effect on how hydrated it is. It's crucial to be aware that some sparkling water variants could have added sugars or artificial sweeteners, which can increase calories and perhaps have harmful effects on health. Always read the label and select sparkling water that is plain, ... Read More

Does Soda Count as Fluid?

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 04-Apr-2023 17:55:11


Despite its central role, water is the most underappreciated part of a healthy diet. Most of your body is composed of water. You may lose as much as three quarts of water a day, so it's important to replace that amount every day. Water is essential for almost every metabolic activity in the body. The average person needs between 8 and 10 glasses of water every day. Keeping track of what constitutes your daily water intake might be difficult. How Does Water Stack Up Against Soda? When comparing the two, water is the healthier option. According to USDA statistics, ... Read More

Dynamic Lift

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 24-Jan-2023 14:06:52


Introduction The particle is considered to be in motion when it changes its position to time. That means the particle is displaced from one position to another. The particle makes linear displacement If it is moving in linear motion. Similarly, the particle makes angular displacement if it is moving in a circular motion. That means circularly moving particles make angular displacement. There are laws describing the motion of particles. According to the first law, the particle does not change its state of motion or rest without any external force. The second law indicates that the force acting on the particle ... Read More