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Explain Handler Method in ES6

Prabhdeep Singh
Updated on 17-Mar-2023 13:47:07
ES6 is referred to as ECMAScript 6. ES6 is the sixth version of ECMAScript, which was released in 2015 and is sometimes known as ECMAScript 2015. ECMAScript was developed to standardize JavaScript. Further in this article, we are going to discuss Handler Methods in ES6 in detail. Introduction to ES6 As we Know ES6 (ECMAScript 6) is introduced for the standardization of JavaScript. It is a programming language and in ES6 we don't have to need to write a number of lines of code or we can say we have to write less and accomplish more. JavaScript follows the ES6 ... Read More

Explain Constants in ES6

Prabhdeep Singh
Updated on 17-Mar-2023 13:42:54
Debugging is a very hectic process for the developers or the programmer and a minor mistake can lead to major problems like changing a single variable will change the whole code and will become very difficult to detect. Sometimes there are some variables that are not going to change through the code and if by mistake their value got changed or updated by the user then they will not come in first thought that there may be a change in them. To overcome these issues there is a concept defined in the ES6 that if the user knows that a ... Read More

ES6 Trampoline Function

Saurabh Anand
Updated on 19-Jan-2023 12:50:38
In this tutorial, we will mainly focus on the Trampoline function that appeared first in ES6(ECMAScript 6). We will start with the discussion of the Trampoline function. Need of using the Trampoline function. Advantages and disadvantages of using the Trampoline function. Now, let’s see the Trampoline function. What is a Trampoline Function? The trampoline is just a mechanism for optimizing recursion and preventing stack-overflow errors in languages that do not provide tail call optimization, such as JavaScript ES5. To overcome this problem of tail call optimization, trampoline was introduced in ES6 version. A trampoline function is essentially a loop that ... Read More

ES6 Features and Syntax

Saurabh Anand
Updated on 19-Jan-2023 12:43:59
ECMAScript 6, also known as ES6 or ECMAScript 2015, is the latest version of the ECMAScript language specification. It was released in 2015 and introduced many new features and syntax improvements to JavaScript, making it easier to write and maintain complex applications. In this tutorial, we'll take a look at some of the most important ES6 features and syntax improvements, and how they can make your code more efficient and easier to read. Let and Const ES6 introduces two new declarations for variables: let and const. The let declaration is similar to the var declaration, but it has a block ... Read More