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Difference between One-Way Switch and Two-Way Switch

Manish Kumar Saini
Updated on 08-Jul-2022 07:44:14
A switch is the most common device used in everyday life for turning on and off the electrical appliances. A switch can make or break a circuit. The electric current can flow in a circuit till the switch is in ON state. The switches are commonly used to turn on and off various electrical appliances like fans, lamps, coolers, ACs, etc.There are a number of switches available, but in this article, we will only discuss about the one-way switch and two-way switch and the key differences between the one-way switch and two-way switch.What is a One-Way Switch?A one-way switch is ... Read More

What do we need to do to join Indian Army?

Sashi K
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:25
The army is one of the noblest professions. Interestingly you can join army anytime, with any minimal qualification as 10th, 12th, Diploma, graduation and more. One can join the army through NDA or through NCC or through recruitment by technical service commission.You can choose to serve a complete tenure opting a permanent service till you retire or serve for 10 - 15 years and then quit.