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8 Best and Worst Types of Alcohol for Weight Loss

Vandana Annavaram
Updated on 10-Mar-2023 13:40:10
Alcohol, also known as ethanol, is a psychoactive substance that is commonly consumed in the form of beverages such as beer, wine, and spirits. It is created through the fermentation of grains and fruits, and it can have a variety of effects on the body and mind. Moderate alcohol consumption has been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke, as well as improved cognitive function in older adults. However, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to a number of negative health effects, including liver damage, cancer, and increased risk of accidents and injuries. The Impact of Alcohol ... Read More

Physical and Chemical Properties of Alcohols

Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 23-Jan-2023 16:43:33
Introduction The organic compounds that form a series that consists of the same functional groups but have variations in their $\mathrm{-CH_2}$ group are determined as the homologous series. In this homologous series, various successive compounds can be seen including alcohol, phenol, ether, and so on. The alcohols have more than one functional group that is quite similar to the functional groups of phenols and ether. Alcohol The organic compound in which the atom of hydrogen or the aliphatic carbon gets replaced by the hydroxyl group is referred to as the alcohols. The compound can be identified by its sweet smell. ... Read More

Potassium Acetate

Bitopi Kaashyap
Updated on 11-Jan-2023 17:07:58
Introduction $\mathrm{CH_3CO_2K}$ plays an essential role in different physiological functions and it also maintains blood pressure and renal function. This compound also helps in other different problems like the contraction of skeletal and cardiac muscle. It assists in healing nerve conditions as well as the synthesis of nucleic acid. The collaboration of acetate anion and potassium cation helps in forming $\mathrm{CH_3CO_2K}$ . Information on Potassium Acetate Potassium acetate is called a kind of salt of potassium and the salt is of acetic acid. This salt mainly bears the chemical name Potassium acetate and it can also be named ... Read More

Benzyl Alcohol

Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 15-Dec-2022 12:45:20
Introduction Benzyl Alcohol is a naturally occurring organic element in the Balsam of Peru. It is a common element in fruits and teas. It is also an important component of essential oils such as ylang-ylang oils, Jasmine, and Hyacinth. So this aromatic compound has a pleasant aroma and has some medicinal properties too. Even though it is naturally found it can be synthesized too. There are many preparative methods for its synthesis. One such preparation is from toluene. The molecular formula of this organic compound is $\mathrm{C_{6}H_{5}CH_{2}OH}$. Or it is further represented as BnOH. Since the benzyl group is present ... Read More

Bismuth Subsalicylate

Updated on 13-Oct-2022 11:19:47
Introduction Bismuth Subsalicylate is a commercial drug that is sold over the counter means it can be sold without any prescription. It has the chemical formula ${C_7H_5BiO_4}$. It was developed over 100 years back, in 1901, for the treatment and sanitation of cholera infection. First, in 1939 it was approved by FDA for the treatment of nausea, diarrhoea, and gastrointestinal infections. It is an insoluble salt of salicylic acid. It exhibits the property of antibacterial and antidiarrheal agents. It is used for the treatment of travellers' diarrhoea, nausea, stomach infection, antacid, heartburn, indigestion, etc. What is Bismuth Subsalicylate It is ... Read More