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N-bit Parallel Adders

Manish Kumar Saini
Updated on 19-Apr-2023 15:42:38
Let us stat this article with a brief introduction of binary adders and rules of binary addition. In digital electronics, an adder or binary adder is a combinational digital circuit which performs the addition of two or more binary digits. The binary addition of two bits is performed by following these four rules − 0 + 0 = 0 0 + 1 = 1 ... Read More

Adders and Subtractors in Digital Electronics

Manish Kumar Saini
Updated on 26-Dec-2022 17:39:27
In digital electronics, adders and subtractors both are the combinational logic circuits (a combinational logic circuit is one whose output depends only on the present inputs, but not on the past outputs) that can add or subtract numbers, more specifically binary numbers. Adders and subtractors are the crucial parts of arithmetic logic circuits in processing devices like microprocessors or microcontrollers. In this article, we will discuss adders and subtractors in detail. What is an Adder? We have different types of digital devices like computers, calculators that can perform a variety of processing functions like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, etc. The ... Read More

Difference between Half Adder and Full Adder

Manish Kumar Saini
Updated on 01-Jun-2022 13:03:00
An adder circuit is one of the important digital circuits used in computers, calculators, digital processing units, etc. There are two types adder circuits named half-adder and full-adder. Both the half adder and the full adder circuits are used to perform addition and also widely used for performing various arithmetic functions in the digital circuits.Read through this article to find out the basics of half adders and full adders and how they function.What is a Half Adder?A combinational logic circuit which is designed to add two binary digits is known as half adder. The half adder provides the output along ... Read More