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Explain Implement a Memoization Helper Function

Prabhdeep Singh
Updated on 17-Mar-2023 13:53:03
Memoization is a helper function, or we can say a technique for improving the efficiency of a program by Keeping track of the values that the function has already calculated in the past. In this article, we will discuss the Memoization Helper function with different examples and discuss all the examples in detail so that we can get a better understanding of Memoization. Now let’s discuss the Memoization helper function in the deep in the below section and also see their implementation with an explanation. Introduction to Memoization Helper Function Memoization is a technique of programming that is used to ... Read More

Explain HTTP Request in Backbone.js

Prabhdeep Singh
Updated on 17-Mar-2023 13:50:52
Backbone.js is helping us to organize the JavaScript as it is a compact library. And HTTP is referred to as HyperText Transfer Protocol which helps us to connect the web server over the internet. First, we need to discuss the Backbone.js, HTTP protocol, and HTTP request for a clear understanding of HTTP requests in Backbone.js. In the below section we have discussed all after that we go towards the HTTP Request in Backbone.js with working of the HTTP Request and also examples. And in the end, we conclude the whole article. In this article, we are going to discuss the ... Read More

Explain Handler Method in ES6

Prabhdeep Singh
Updated on 17-Mar-2023 13:47:07
ES6 is referred to as ECMAScript 6. ES6 is the sixth version of ECMAScript, which was released in 2015 and is sometimes known as ECMAScript 2015. ECMAScript was developed to standardize JavaScript. Further in this article, we are going to discuss Handler Methods in ES6 in detail. Introduction to ES6 As we Know ES6 (ECMAScript 6) is introduced for the standardization of JavaScript. It is a programming language and in ES6 we don't have to need to write a number of lines of code or we can say we have to write less and accomplish more. JavaScript follows the ES6 ... Read More

Explain Different kinds of Generators in JavaScript

Prabhdeep Singh
Updated on 17-Mar-2023 13:45:24
As we know JavaScript is a lightweight programming language in which generators were introduced in ECMAScript 2015. A generator is a process that has many output values and may be stopped and started. In JavaScript, a generator is made up of a generator function that produces an iterable Generator object. In this article, we are going to discuss the generators in JavaScript and also the different types of generators in JavaScript with syntax and examples in detail. Introduction to Generators in JavaScript The generator's function is as same as the regular function but there is a bit of difference in ... Read More

Explain Constants in ES6

Prabhdeep Singh
Updated on 17-Mar-2023 13:42:54
Debugging is a very hectic process for the developers or the programmer and a minor mistake can lead to major problems like changing a single variable will change the whole code and will become very difficult to detect. Sometimes there are some variables that are not going to change through the code and if by mistake their value got changed or updated by the user then they will not come in first thought that there may be a change in them. To overcome these issues there is a concept defined in the ES6 that if the user knows that a ... Read More

Explain Chosen and Select2 with Examples

Prabhdeep Singh
Updated on 17-Mar-2023 13:28:21
There are two jQuery plugins that can we use to style the select boxes that are Select2 and Chosen. Both the plugins Select2 and Chosen are improving the look of the selected boxes and enhancing the behavior of the boxes which leads to the make them user-friendly. Also, both of these plugins can be used for multiple selected boxes as well as single selected boxes. Chosen JavaScript plugin that creates the select boxes user-friendly that is chosen. Chosen is available in both the prototype and JQuery versions. Features of the Chosen User-friendly Your users won't have to slog through a ... Read More

Explain all Console Object in HTML

Prabhdeep Singh
Updated on 17-Mar-2023 13:24:52
A console is an object in the JavaScript programming language that is used for the purpose of debugging or logging results. It is a tool or web tool which may be used by developers to debug their code. With the help of the console, information can be displayed about the code that could be values of the variables, any result of a particular expression, or the return value of a function call. Moreover, it can be used to display errors and warnings. The console is available in every scope since it is a global variable. In the browser window, it ... Read More

How to change the element id using jQuery?

Gungi Mahesh
Updated on 17-Mar-2023 13:19:19
jQuery is one of the JavaScript libraries which is fast, small, and feature-rich. It is used to perform event handling, animation, etc. It is a combination of versatility and extensibility. jQuery is used to simplify the AJAX call and DOM manipulation. Using jQuery, we can make a webpage interactive by responding to a mouse click event. jQuery includes the features like Events, Effects, animations, Ajax, JSON parsing, Cross-browser support, and extensibility. It distributes as a single JavaScript file which defines all of its interfaces like DOM, Events, and the Ajax functions. jQuery consists of two functions, one function is static ... Read More

How to change the href value of <a> tag after clicking on button using JavaScript?

Gungi Mahesh
Updated on 17-Mar-2023 13:17:17
The href attribute specifies the link’s destination, which can be a URL or an anchor point within the same document. Changing the attribute value of href which allows us to dynamically update the destination of the link, which can be useful in a variety of situations. Generally, the tag is used to create a hyperlink in HTML. stands for anchor tag, and it is used to link the other web pages or to specify the exact locations within the same page. On the other side, the href attribute is used to specify the link’s destination, which can be ... Read More

How to change the font-weight of a text using JavaScript?

Gungi Mahesh
Updated on 17-Mar-2023 13:12:46
Using JavaScript is one of the most famous ways to change the font-weight of any text on your webpage. We can build interactive applications using JavaScript with HTML elements. Font weight refers to the boldness or thinness of the characters. In this article, we will see how we can change the font-weight of a text using JavaScript. Using the Style fontWeight Property Let us see how can we change the font weight of a single element, such as a paragraph or a heading. To do this, we will use the ‘style.fontWeight’ property of the element. This property is an object ... Read More
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