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Hiding specific data in HANA Modeling View

John SAP
Updated on 12-Mar-2020 08:11:52
Analytic Privileges are used to limit access to HANA Information views. You can assign different types of right to different users on a different component of a View in Analytic Privileges.When it is required that data in the same view should not be accessible to other users who do not have any relevant requirement for that data. This can be performed using Analytic Privileges in HANA.

Maintaining print program, routines, and forms in SAP in QM02

Sharon Christine
Updated on 12-Mar-2020 12:47:58
You configure print program and output controls in IMG. Run T-Code: SPRO →Search for Output control or Print controlCheck Shop Papers for Notification types and mention Shop Papers has the ABAP Form and print Program as shown below -

Adding items to table using function in SAP

Updated on 14-Feb-2020 07:56:32
Try replacing below statement with other mentioned −IRfcStructure articol = repo.GetStructureMetadata("Z_ITEMS") as IRfcStructure;You need to replace this by −