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Writing Efficient R Code

Bhuwanesh Nainwal
Updated on 17-Jan-2023 16:05:04
Writing efficient code is very important as it makes the development time faster and leads our program to be able to understand, debug and maintain easily. We will discuss various techniques like benchmarking, vectorization and parallel programming to make our R code faster. You must learn these techniques if you are aspiring to be a data scientist. So, let’s get started − Benchmarking One of the easiest optimizations is to have the latest R version to work for. The new version cannot modify our existing code but it always comes with robust library functions that provide improved execution time. The ... Read More

String Manipulation in R with stringr

Bhuwanesh Nainwal
Updated on 17-Jan-2023 15:56:26
The stringr package is a popular R package that provides functions and tools for manipulating and processing strings in R. This package provides a consistent and convenient interface for working with strings, and it offers a wide range of functions for tasks such as searching, matching, replacing, and splitting strings. In this article, we will discuss string manipulation in R with "stringr” package. The “stringr” package provides us the following families of functions in “stringr” − Character manipulating functions: Such functions allows us to deal with the characters of a string. A family of functions to deal with whitespaces. ... Read More

Scalable Data Processing in R

Bhuwanesh Nainwal
Updated on 17-Jan-2023 15:47:05
Most of the time, the R programmers encounter large data that causes problems as by default variables are stored in the memory. The R language doesn’t work well with a huge amount of data larger than 10% of the computer’s RAM. But data processing should be scalable if we want to excel in the field of data science. So, we will discuss how we can apply certain operations and use scalable data processing easily when the data is sufficiently larger than the computer’s RAM. The discussion would also be focussed on dealing with “out of core” objects. What is Scalable ... Read More

Object-Oriented Programming in R

Bhuwanesh Nainwal
Updated on 17-Jan-2023 15:44:12
Object-oriented programming focuses on data and objects rather than procedures. The object-oriented model helps us to model real-life objects. It is important to master object-oriented programming concepts in order to excel in the field of data science. Each program has special types of classes. In this tutorial, the discussion will be focused on S3 and S4 classes in R, generic functions, inheritances between classes, and polymorphism. In this tutorial, we will discuss object-oriented programming concepts in R. Object-Oriented Programming in R Object oriented programming is a programming model that revolves around classes and objects rather than functions. In R we ... Read More

Introduction to the Tidyverse

Bhuwanesh Nainwal
Updated on 17-Jan-2023 15:38:22
The R package collection known as tidyverse was created with the goal of collaborating and handling data effectively. The Tidyverse package is open-source and constantly improved by the data science community. A data scientist must have a fundamental understanding of every package included under the tidyverse umbrella. All eight packages—purr, ggplot2, dplyr, tidyr, stringr, tibble, readr, and forcats —will be covered in depth. Tidyverse Packages Tidyverse groups several packages in R. It consists of the following packages − Package Name Usage purrr Used for function programming ggplot2 Used for creating graphics dplyr ... Read More

Working with Dates and Times in R with lubridate

Bhuwanesh Nainwal
Updated on 17-Jan-2023 15:26:28
The dates and times appear simple and easy at first impression as we deal with them in our day-to-day life. But a lot of complexity involves when we work with dates and times objects in R. This article focuses on working with dates and times using the lubridate package in R. You can install this package locally by using the following command in the CRAN’s terminal − install.packages("lubridate") Types of data/time objects in R There are three types of data/time objects and are listed below − Date () object − Prints the date. Time () object − Prints ... Read More

Parallel Programming in R

Bhuwanesh Nainwal
Updated on 17-Jan-2023 15:20:04
Parallel programming is a software development practice that involves dividing a computation or task into smaller parts that can be executed concurrently or in parallel. Parallel programming can help improve the performance and efficiency of your R code by utilizing multiple processors or cores in a computer or cluster. The main concept of parallel programming is, if one operation can be performed in S seconds using a single processor, then it should be able to get executed in S / N seconds when N processors are involved. Need for Parallel Programming in R Most of the time the code in ... Read More

Manipulating Time Series Data in R with xts & zoo

Bhuwanesh Nainwal
Updated on 17-Jan-2023 15:15:11
The xts and zoo are two R packages that provide tools and functions for manipulating time series data. Both packages offer functions for reading, writing, and manipulating time series data stored in various formats, such as CSV, Excel, and other data sources. We shall start by introducing xts and zoo classes, basic manipulations, merging and modifying time series, and by the end, we will be discussing applying and aggregating by time. XTS and Zoo class Syntax In R, xts extends the zoo class. An xts object is similar to a matrix of observations that are indexed by a time object. ... Read More

Joining Data in R with data.table

Bhuwanesh Nainwal
Updated on 17-Jan-2023 15:06:04
In this article, we will discuss joining data in R using data.table package. By the term “joining data” we mean to say that performing different types of joins operations like INNER JOIN, LEFT OUTER JOIN, RIGHT OUTER JOIN, AND FULL OUTER JOIN between two or more tables. The main purpose of doing join operations between tables is to access data from multiple tables on the basis of some attribute (or column) condition. R provides us data.table package with the help of which we can handle tabular data (having rows and columns) very efficiently. This package was launched as an alternative ... Read More

Functional Programming with purrr

Bhuwanesh Nainwal
Updated on 17-Jan-2023 16:18:23
Functional programming is a programming methodology in which we construct programs by constructing and applying functions. More specifically in programs, we apply sequential pure functions rather than statements. A pure function is a function that accepts an input and produces a consistent value as an output. Also, during this process no augment or input stream is modified. Such functions are capable of doing a single operation but for carrying out complex operations we can combine them into sequences. In this tutorial, we will discuss functional programming using purr. Nowadays, Functional programming is important to master due to its capability to ... Read More
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