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Is it Hives or something else?

Bhaswati Mukherjee
Updated on 20-Apr-2023 16:13:44


Hives happen when welts develop that itch, swell, are red or white, and have no recognized cause. Chronic idiopathic hives are characterized by welts that persist for at least six weeks. The truth is that many skin conditions might be mistaken for chronic hives, even though any skin rash may appear to you to be an allergic reaction or hives. How to Detect Whether it is Chronic Hives? A dermatologist visit is an excellent initial step to confirm a diagnosis and find relief if you discover a persistent, itchy skin rash. The best ways to identify what's causing the ... Read More

What is Bucketing in Hive?

Updated on 25-Aug-2022 12:30:31

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Bucketing is a method in Hive which is used for organizing the data. It is a concept of separating data into ranges known as buckets. Bucketing in hives comes helpful when the use of partitioning becomes hard. A user can determine the range of a specific bucket by the hash value. Partitioned tables can be bucketed to separate the data further to perform queries more efficiently. Every bucket is stored as a file within the table or the partition’s directories on HDFS. The records having a similar value within a column are always stored in the same bucket. Bucketing can ... Read More

Difference between Hive and HBase

Kiran Kumar Panigrahi
Updated on 28-Jul-2022 10:38:07

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Hive and HBase are Hadoop-based Big Data solutions. These technologies serve different purposes in almost any real use scenario. When you log onto Facebook, you may see your friend's list, a news feed, ad suggestions, friend suggestions, etc. Twitter is similar.Apache Hadoop, along with other technologies we'll explore today, such as Apache Hive vs. Apache HBase, is how Facebook loads all of its messy data in a presentable manner. Apache Hadoop enables Facebook's two billion-plus daily users.Because Big Data systems are complicated, all technologies must be used together. Hive is recommended for analyzing time-series data. It can evaluate trends and ... Read More