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Breadth First Search (BFS) for a Graph

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 16-Jun-2020 11:03:00

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The Breadth First Search (BFS) traversal is an algorithm, which is used to visit all of the nodes of a given graph. In this traversal algorithm one node is selected and then all of the adjacent nodes are visited one by one. After completing all of the adjacent vertices, it moves further to check another vertex and checks its adjacent vertices again.To implement this algorithm, we need to use the Queue data structure. All the adjacent vertices are added into the queue when all adjacent vertices are completed, one item is removed from the queue and start traversing through that ... Read More

Biconnected Graph

Samual Sam
Updated on 16-Jun-2020 09:20:10

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An undirected graph is said to be a biconnected graph, if there are two vertex-disjoint paths between any two vertices are present. In other words, we can say that there is a cycle between any two vertices.We can say that a graph G is a bi-connected graph if it is connected, and there are no articulation points or cut vertex are present in the graph.To solve this problem, we will use the DFS traversal. Using DFS, we will try to find if there is any articulation point is present or not. We also check whether all vertices are visited by ... Read More