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Drupal Alternatives

Shirjeel Yunus
Updated on 16-Aug-2023 16:58:02


What is Drupal? Drupal is a content management software which can be used to develop different types of applications and websites. The platform comes with a lot of features which can be used to develop websites and applications. The platform can also be used for the development of an integrated digital framework which can be enhanced with the help of a lot of add-ons. Content presentation can be enhanced by Themes. Why Drupal alternatives? Drupal has to be learned before you start using it It uses hardware resources which impacts system performance Knowledge of programming is needed to enhance ... Read More

How do we connect SAP Business One with Ubercart?

Sai Subramanyam
Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:22


This can be done using SAP DI server as it is using XML based format for importing data and more suitable for external data exchange. You can refer to below documentation for more details on SAP BI DI Server. The DI Server enables business partners to develop SOAP-based solutions to read, write, update, and remove data objects on the database level. It provides a suitable infrastructure for server-oriented partner solutions. SAP Business One Web Services wrapper (B1WS) exposes the DI Server functionality as Web Services to provide a better usability. Developers only need to add the web references to ... Read More