Apache MXNet Tutorial

Apache MXNet Tutorial

Apache MXNet is a powerful open-source deep learning software framework instrument helping developers build, train, and deploy Deep Learning models. Past few years, from healthcare to transportation to manufacturing and, in fact, in every aspect of our daily life, the impact of deep learning has been widespread. Nowadays, deep learning is sought by companies to solve some hard problems like Face recognition, object detection, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Speech Recognition, and Machine Translation.


This tutorial will be useful for graduates, post-graduates, and research students who either have an interest in the field of AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning or have it as a part of their curriculum. The reader can be a beginner or an advanced learner.


The reader must have basic knowledge about Artificial Intelligence. He/she should also be aware about Python language and its functions. If you are new to any of these concepts, we recommend you take up tutorials concerning these topics before you dig further into this tutorial.