Angular CLI - ng new Command

This chapter explains the syntax, argument and options of ng new command along with an example.


The syntax for ng new command is as follows −

ng new <name> [options]
ng n <name> [options]

ng new command creates a workspace of given name with a default Angular Application.

It provides interactive prompts to set optional configurations. All prompts have default values to choose.


The argument for ng new command is as follows −

Sr.No. Argument & Syntax Description
1 <name> The name of the new workspace and initial project.


Options are optional parameters.

Sr.No. Option & Syntax Description
1 --collection=collection

A collection of schematics to use in generating the initial app.

Aliases: -c.

2 --commit=true|false

Initial git repository commit information.

Default: true.

3 --createApplication=true|false

When true (the default), creates a new initial app project in the src folder of the new workspace. When false, creates an empty workspace with no initial app. You can then use to generate application command so that all apps are created in the projects folder.

Default: true.

4 -defaults=true|false When true, disables interactive input prompts for options with a default.
5 --directory=directory The directory name to create the workspace in.
6 --dryRun=true|false

When true, runs through and reports activity without writing out results.

Default: false.

Aliases: -d.

7 --force=true|false

When true, forces overwriting of existing files.

Default: false.

Aliases: -f.

8 --help=true|false|json|JSON

Shows a help message for this command in the console.

Default: false.

9 --inlineStyle=true|false

When true, includes styles inline in the component TS file. By default, an external styles file is created and referenced in the component TS file.

Default: false.

10 --inlineStyle=true|false

When true, includes styles inline in the componentTS file. By default, an external styles file is created and referenced in the component TS file.

Default: false.

Aliases: -t.

11 --interactive=true|false

When true, creates a project without any testing frameworks. (Use for learning purposes only.)

Default: false.

12 --newProjectRoot=newProjectRoot

The path where new projects will be created, relative to the new workspace root.

Default: projects.

13 --packageManager=npm|yarn|pnpm|cnpm The package manager used to install dependencies.
14 --prefix=prefix

The prefix to apply to generated selectors for the initial project.

Default: app.

Aliases: -p.

15 --prefix=prefix

The prefix to apply to generated selectors for the initial project.

Default: app.

Aliases: -p.

16 --routing=true|false When true, generates a routing module for the initial project.
17 --skipGit=true|false

When true, does not initialize a git repository.

Default: false.

Aliases: -g.

18 --skipInstall=true|false

When true, does not install dependency packages.

Default: false.

19 --skipTests=true|false

When true, does not generate "spec.ts" test files for the new project.

Default: false.

Aliases: -S.

20 --strict=true|false

Creates a workspace with stricter TypeScript compiler options.

Default: false.

21 --style=css|scss|sass|less|styl The file extension or preprocessor to use for style files.
22 --verbose=true|false

When true, adds more details to output logging.

Default: false.

Aliases: -v.

23 -- viewEncapsulation=Emulated|Native|None|ShadowDom The view encapsulation strategy to use in the initial project.


An example for ng new command is given below −

\>Node ng new TutorialsPoint
? Would you like to add Angular routing? Yes
? Which stylesheet format would you like to use? CSS
CREATE TutorialsPoint/angular.json (3630 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/package.json (1291 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/ (1031 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/tsconfig.json (489 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/tslint.json (3125 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/.editorconfig (274 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/.gitignore (631 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/browserslist (429 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/karma.conf.js (1026 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/ (210 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/tsconfig.spec.json (270 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/src/favicon.ico (948 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/src/index.html (300 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/src/main.ts (372 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/src/polyfills.ts (2835 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/src/styles.css (80 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/src/test.ts (753 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/src/assets/.gitkeep (0 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/src/environments/ (51 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/src/environments/environment.ts (662 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/src/app/app-routing.module.ts (246 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/src/app/app.module.ts (393 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/src/app/app.component.html (25755 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/src/app/app.component.spec.ts (1083 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/src/app/app.component.ts (218 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/src/app/app.component.css (0 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/e2e/protractor.conf.js (808 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/e2e/tsconfig.json (214 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/e2e/src/app.e2e-spec.ts (647 bytes)
CREATE TutorialsPoint/e2e/src/app.po.ts (301 bytes)
Packages installed successfully.

Here, ng new command has created an angular workspace and a project with name TutorialsPoint in our Node directory.

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