Accessing variables of Int and Float without initializing in C

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Declare int and float variables without initializing and try to print their values in C language. Explain what will happen.


  • If a variable is declared but not initialized or uninitialized and if those variables are trying to print, then, it will return 0 or some garbage value.

  • Whenever we declare a variable, a location is allocated to that variable. The only thing is with the help of initialization, we are trying to occupy the memory location which is already allotted while declaration.

  • But in the below program, we are not initializing the values in the memory locations which are reserved. But, by default, the locations are occupied with 0 or garbage values. When we are trying to print it displays 0 or garbage value as output.


Following is the C program for accessing variables in int and float −

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int main(){
   float a,b,c;
   int x,y,z;
   printf("value of a:%f
",a);    printf("value of b:%f
",b);    printf("value of c:%f
",c);    printf("value of x:%d
",x);    printf("value of y:%d
",y);    printf("value of z:%d",z);    return 0; }


When the above program is executed, it produces the following result −

value of a:0.000000
value of b:0.000000
value of c:0.000000
value of x:1512368
value of y:0
value of z:27
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