A/B Testing - Collect Data

The data from Google Analytics can help you to find visitor behaviors. It is always advisable to collect enough data from the site. Try to find the pages with low conversion rates or high drop-off rates that can be improved. In this chapter, we will discuss a few tools which can be used to collect data for A/B Testing.

Google Analytics / Mix Panel (Analytics Tool)

Most of the websites have Google Analytics installed to get an idea of how visitors interact with the site. If you don’t have Google Analytics installed to monitor traffic, you can install it from the internet. Google Analytics is one of best analytic tools available for free.

To install Google Analytics on your website, you can simply copy the code and deploy it on your site and you will get a good amount of data to work with. You can also apply customization of the tool to meet your business goals.

Google Analytics

Mouse Flow / Crazy Egg (Replay Tools)

Replay tools are used to get a better insight of user actions on your website. It also allows you to click maps and heat maps of user clicks to check how far the users are browsing on the website.

Replay tools like Mouse Flow allows you to view a visitor's session in a way, as if you are with the visitor itself. Video replay tools give deeper insight into what it would be like for that visitor browsing the various pages on your website.

Mouse Flow

WebEngage (Survey Tools)

Survey tools are used to collect qualitative feedback from the website. This involves asking returning visitors some survey questions. This survey asks them general questions and also allows them to enter their views or select from pre-provided choices.


Other Tools - Chat, Email

Live chat facility allows visitor to get quick answers from customer service team and help resolve the situation faster. This also helps you to get the general questions from the visitors and to collect data for testing.

Other Tools Chat, Email