What are the limitations of using MySQL views?

In spite of various benefits of using views there are following limitations on using MySQL views −

  •  Can’t create an index of views − In MySQL, we cannot create an index on views. It is because indexes are not utilized when we query data against the views.
  •  MySQL invalidates the view − Suppose, if we drop or rename tables to which a view references, rather than issuing an error MySQL invalidate the view. We can use the CHECK TABLE statement to check whether the view is valid or not.
  •  MySQL views cannot be updateable in some situations − Actually, the simple view can be updateable but a view created on a complex SELECT statement with JOIN or SUBQUERY etc. cannot be updateable.
  •  MySQL does not support materialized views − We cannot create materialized views because MySQL does not support it.
  •  Using subquery in the FROM clause of view depends on MySQL version − Actually, we can use a subquery in the FROM clause of view if MySQL version is less than 5.7.7.
  •  Cannot create a TEMPORARY view − Actually, the definition cannot refer to a TEMPORARY table hence we cannot create a TEMPORARY view.
  •  Cannot associate a trigger with a view − we cannot associate a trigger with a view.
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karthikeya Boyini

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