What are the differences between ‚Äúuntyped‚ÄĚ & ‚Äúdynamically typed‚ÄĚ programming languages?

Dynamically typed

Dynamically typed language is called so because the type is associated with run-time values. You don’t have to specify types every time. As the name suggests, variables' types are dynamic, means even after you set a variable to a type you can change it.

Some dynamically typed languages include Python, Perl, Ruby, etc.


Untyped languages, also known as dynamically typed languages, are programming languages that do not make you define the type of a variable.

JavaScript is untyped language. This means that a JavaScript variable can hold a value of any data type. To declare variables in JavaScript, you need to use the var keyword. Whether it is a number or string, use the var keyword for declaration.

Here’s how you can declare numbers in JavaScript −

var points = 100;
var rank = 5;