What are string and String data types in C#?

String stands for System.String whereas string is an alias in C# for System.String −

For example −

string str = "Welcome!";

It’s not essential, but generally String is used when you work with classes −

string str = String.Format("Welcome! {0}!", user);

Since string is an alias for System.String. The alias for other datatypes are −


object: System.Object
string: System.String
bool: System.Boolean
float: System.Single
double: System.Double
decimal: System.Decimal
byte: System.Byte
sbyte: System.SByte
short: System.Int16
ushort: System.UInt16
int: System.Int32
uint: System.UInt32
long: System.Int64
ulong: System.UInt64
char: System.Char

The String type in C# allows you to assign any string values to a variable. The string type is an alias for the System.String class. It is derived from object type. The value for a string type can be assigned using string literals in two forms − quoted and @quoted.


String str = "Okay!";