What are private, public, default and protected access Java modifiers?

The access specifiers are used to define the access restriction on the class and members of a class.

  • The private access modifier is the most restrictive access level. Class and interfaces cannot be private. Members that are declared private can be accessed outside the class.
  • The public access modifier can be associated with class, method, constructor, interface, etc. public can be accessed from any other class. Therefore, fields, methods, blocks declared inside a public class can be accessed from any class.
  • The protected access modifier can be associated with variables, methods, and constructors, which are declared protected in a superclass can be accessed only by the subclasses in other package or any class within the package of the protected members' class.
  • The default access modifier does not have keyword a variable or method declared without any access control modifier is available to any other class in the same package.

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