Multimedia Databases


The multimedia databases are used to store multimedia data such as images, animation, audio, video along with text. This data is stored in the form of multiple file types like .txt(text), .jpg(images), .swf(videos), .mp3(audio) etc.

Contents of the Multimedia Database

The multimedia database stored the multimedia data and information related to it. This is given in detail as follows −

Media data 

This is the multimedia data that is stored in the database such as images, videos, audios, animation etc.

Media format data

The Media format data contains the formatting information related to the media data such as sampling rate, frame rate, encoding scheme etc.

Media keyword data

This contains the keyword data related to the media in the database. For an image the keyword data can be date and time of the image, description of the image etc.

Media feature data

Th Media feature data describes the features of the media data. For an image, feature data can be colours of the image, textures in the image etc.

Challenges of Multimedia Database

There are many challenges to implement a multimedia database. Some of these are:

  • Multimedia databases contains data in a large type of formats such as .txt(text), .jpg(images), .swf(videos), .mp3(audio) etc. It is difficult to convert one type of data format to another.
  • The multimedia database requires a large size as the multimedia data is quite large and needs to be stored successfully in the database.
  • It takes a lot of time to process multimedia data so multimedia database is slow.
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