Jmeter server error while perform load testing on SAP application

Load testing is performed to see volume of traffic your website or an application can handle. Apache Jmeter is an open source, free, java based and configurable tool to perform performance and load testing. You can download Jmeter from the following link:


Now to test SAP application using Jmeter, you need to follow below steps for recording:

  • First it to right click on the thread group and you need to choose “Add → Logic controller → Recording Controller”. This will store the recording in the new node named Recording controller.
  • Next step is to right click on “WorkBench”, choose “Add → Non-test elements → HTTP Proxy server”
  • Next is to right click on the “HTTP Proxy Server” node as shown below and choose “Add → Listener → View Results Tree”. This will make listener store every information and response. This information is required at later stage.
  • Next is to you need to click on the resulting proxy server node and make a note of the Port number (typically “8080”). You have to ensure that you select “Use recording controller” as the value for “Target Controller” as below.
  • In the settings for your browser, set JMeter as proxy by entering the values for the server address “” and port “8080”

Please refer this link to know more about recording script in Apache JMeter:

SAP blog link

Updated on: 17-Feb-2020


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