Java API documentation generator

Following program uses few of the important tags available for documentation comments. You can make use of other tags based on your requirements.

The documentation about the AddNum class will be produced in HTML file AddNum.html but at the same time, a master file with a name index.html will also be created.

  * <h1>Add Two Numbers!</h1>
  * The AddNum program implements an application that
  * simply adds two given integer numbers and Prints
  * the output on the screen.
  * <p>
  * <b>Note:</b> Giving proper comments in your program makes it more
  * user friendly and it is assumed as a high quality code.
  * </p>
  * @author Zara Ali
  * @version 1.0
  * @since 2014-03-31

public class AddNum {
     * This method is used to add two integers. This is
     * a the simplest form of a class method, just to
     * show the usage of various javadoc Tags.
     * @param numA This is the first paramter to addNum method
     * @param numB This is the second parameter to addNum method
     * @return int This returns sum of numA and numB.
   public int addNum(int numA, int numB) {
      return numA + numB;
    * This is the main method which makes use of addNum method.
    * @param args Unused.
    * @return Nothing.
    * @exception IOException On input error.
    * @see IOException

   public static void main(String args[]) throws IOException {
      AddNum obj = new AddNum();
      int sum = obj.addNum(10, 20);
      System.out.println("Sum of 10 and 20 is :" + sum);

Now, process the above file using Javadoc utility as follows −

$ javadoc
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