Is it possible to use JSF+Facelets with HTML 4/5?

Facelets is an open-source Web template system for JavaServer Faces (JSF). The language requires valid input XML documents to work. Facelets supports all of the JSF UI components and focuses completely on building the JSF component tree, reflecting the view for a JSF application.

Facelets is a XML based view technology. It cannot be used with HTML4 doctype. You can use <!DOCTYPE html> with JSF/Facelets, even without a <?xml?>declaration in top of the page.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang = "en"
   xmlns:jsf = ""
   xmlns:f = ""
   xmlns:h = "">
      <header jsf:id = "header">Header</header>
      <navjsf:id = "nav">Nav</nav>
      <main jsf:id = "main">Main</main>
      <footer jsf:id = "footer">Footer</footer>