How to retrieve cookies in Python CGI Programming?

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Retrieving Cookies

It is very easy to retrieve all the set cookies. Cookies are stored in CGI environment variable HTTP_COOKIE and they will have following form −

key1 = value1;key2 = value2;key3 = value3....

Here is an example of how to retrieve cookies.

# Import modules for CGI handling
from os import environ
import cgi, cgitb
if environ.has_key('HTTP_COOKIE'):
   for cookie in map(strip, split(environ['HTTP_COOKIE'], ';')):
      (key, value ) = split(cookie, '=');
      if key == "UserID":
         user_id = value
      if key == "Password":
         password = value
print "User ID  = %s" % user_id
print "Password = %s" % password

This produces the following result for the cookies set by above script −

User ID = XYZ
Password = XYZ123
Published on 31-Jan-2018 08:22:11