How to provide multiple statements on a single line in Python?

More than one statements in a block of uniform indent form a compound statement. Normally each statement is written on separate physical line in editor. However, statements in a block can be written in one line if they are separated by semicolon. Following is code of three statements written in separate lines

print (c)

These statements can very well be written in one line by putting semicolon in between.

a=10; b=20; c=1*b; print (c)

A new block of increased indent generally starts after : symbol as in case of if, else, while, for, try statements. However, using above syntax, statements in block can be written in one line by putting semicolon. Following is a straight forward example of a block of statements in a for loop

for i in range(5):
   print ("Hello")
   print ("i=",i)

This block can also be written in single line as follows −

for i in range(5): print ("Hello"); print ("i=",i)

However, this practice is not allowed if there is a nested block of statements.