How to find the longest common substring from more than two strings in Python?

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Common dynamic programming implementations for the Longest Common Substring algorithm runs in O(nm) time. The following is an implementation of the longest common substring algorithm:


def longest_common_substring(s1, s2):
   m = [[0] * (1 + len(s2)) for i in xrange(1 + len(s1))]
   longest, x_longest = 0, 0
   for x in xrange(1, 1 + len(s1)):
       for y in xrange(1, 1 + len(s2)):
           if s1[x - 1] == s2[y - 1]:
               m[x][y] = m[x - 1][y - 1] + 1
               if m[x][y] > longest:
                   longest = m[x][y]
                   x_longest = x
               m[x][y] = 0
   return s1[x_longest - longest: x_longest]
print(longest_common_substring('wellbeing', 'welcome'))



This is how it works

  • Initially, we initialized the counter array(m) all 0.

  • Starting from the 1st row, we will compare the first character of a string s1 with all characters in a string s2.

  • While we traverse the characters in s2, if it matches with the character in s1, we increment the counter. It will be saved m[i][j] which is at diagonally one lower position.

At the end we return the longest sub-string using indices we calculated in the loops.

Published on 14-Dec-2017 10:24:29