How to find if 24 hrs have passed between datetimes in Python?

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To find out if 24 hrs have passed between datetimes in Python, you will need to do some date math in Python. So if you have 2 datetime objects, you'll have to subtract them and then take the timedelta object you get as a result and use if for comparision. You can't directly compare it to int, so you'll need to first extract the seconds from it. 


from datetime import datetime
NUMBER_OF_SECONDS = 86400 # seconds in 24 hours
first = datetime(2017, 10, 10)
second = datetime(2017, 10, 12)
if (first - second).total_seconds() > NUMBER_OF_SECONDS:
  print("its been over a day!")


This will give the output −

its been over a day!
Updated on 19-Feb-2020 07:44:15