How to check if a python module exists without importing it?

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To check if you can import something in Python 2, you can use imp module with try...except. For example,

import imp
    found = True
except ImportError:
    found = False
print found

This will give you the output:


You can also use iter_modules from the pkgutil module to iterate over all modules to find if specified module exists. For example,

from pkgutil import iter_modules
def module_exists(module_name):
    return module_name in (name for loader, name, ispkg in iter_modules())
print module_exists('scrapy')

This will give the output:


This is because this module is installed on my PC.

Or if you just want to check it in the shell, you could use,

python -c "help('modules');" | grep yourmodule
Updated on 01-Oct-2019 11:21:15