How to apply CSS properties using jQuery?

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To apply CSS properties using jQuery, use the css() method. It’s easy to apply any CSS property using jQuery method css( PropertyName, PropertyValue ).

Here is the syntax for the method −

selector.css( PropertyName, PropertyValue );


Here you can pass PropertyName as a JavaScript string and based on its value, PropertyValue could be string or integer.

Live Demo


      <title>jQuery css() method</title>
      <script src = ""></script>
         $(document).ready(function() {
            $("li").eq(4).css("color", "green");
            <li>list item 1</li>
            <li>list item 2</li>
            <li>list item 3</li>
            <li>list item 4</li>
            <li>list item 5</li>
            <li>list item 6</li>
Updated on 18-Dec-2019 07:02:57