Future of RDBMS

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BigData and NoSQL are the choice for database solutions nowadays, but that does not mean the crucial features of RDBMS will die. Since 90% of the world data produced in last some years, therefore the need for RDBMS will not end in the near future.

The RDBMS market is incrementing with 9% annual growth, as stated by Gartner, a research company. RDBMS is meant to handle organized data. NoSQL and Big Data maybe a preferred choice, but the importance of RDBMS will not end in near future.

Managing data on a large scale now needs technologies like Big Data, but RDBMS still servers the purpose of fast and secure data management.

Many users still work on RDBMS; therefore, it still has the edge. With that, not every organization can afford the costly Big Data. Huge enterprises with a lot of budget can easily prefer Big Data. However, small and medium enterprises would still rather work with RDBMS.

Updated on 15-Jun-2020 12:59:09