Finding the table from which data is fetched in SAP

You can get the data if it is displayed in a transaction. Here are the steps you need to follow.

a) First point the cursor on the field for which you want to get the data.

b) Press F1 for help. This will open a dialog with heading “Performance assistant”

c) Click on the “Technical information” button. This will open up another dialog box

d) You will be able to find “Table name” and “Field name”

Generally, this will tell you the table in the database .

If you are not able to get the required information, run a trace using ST05. In SAP system, SQL trace (ST05) is used by the developers to analyze database Select statements.

Below you can see T-code ST05 main screen −

To activate trace, you can select Activate Trace with Filter option. You can select different filters like −

  • User Name
  • Transaction Name
  • Program Name