Execute a script when a context menu is triggered in HTML5?

Use the contextmenu attribute in HTML5 to execute a script when a context menu is fied. A context menu generates when a user right-clicks. 


You can try to run the following code to implement contextmenu attribute −

<!Doctype html>
      <title>HTML menuitem Tag</title>
      <div style = "border:1px solid #000; padding:20px;" contextmenu = "clickmenu">
         <p>Right click inside here....</p>
         <menu type = "context" id = "clickmenu">
            <menuitem label = "Tutorialspoint" onclick = ""></menuitem>
            <menuitem label = "Tutorials Library" onclick = ""></menuitem>
            <menuitem label = "Coding Ground" onclick = ""></menuitem>
            <menuitem label = "Q/A" onclick = ""></menuitem>