1. From the figure, identify :

(a) the centre of circle
(b) three radii
(c) a diameter
(d) a chord
(e) two points in the interior
(f) a point in the exterior
(g) a sector
(h) a segment"

AcademicMathematicsNCERTClass 6


The figure of a circle is given.

To do:

We have to identify the terms from the given figure.


(a) The centre of the circle is $O$.

(b) The three radii are $\overline{OA}, \overline{OB}$ and $\overline{OC}$. 

(c) A diameter is $\overline{AC}$.

(d) A chord is $\overline{ED}$.

(e) Two points in the interior are $O$ and $P$

(f) A point in the exterior is point $Q$

(g) A sector is $AOB$(shaded region).

(h) A segment is $ED$(shaded region).

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