Write a structure in local scope program using C language

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Structure is a collection of different datatype variables, grouped together under a single name.

Features of structure

The features of structure are explained below −

  • It is possible to copy the contents of all structure elements of different datatypes to another structure variable of its type by using an assignment operator.

  • For handling complex datatypes, it is better to create a structure within an another structure, which is called as the nested structures.

  • It is possible to pass an entire structure, individual elements of a structure and an address of structure to a function.

  • It is also possible to create the structure pointers.

Declaration of structures

The general form of structure declaration is as follows −

datatype member1;
struct tagname{
   datatype member2;
   datatype member n;

Here, struct is the keyword.

   tagname specifies name of structure.

   member1, member2 are the data items.

For example,

struct book{
   int pages;
   char author [30];
   float price;


Following is the C program for structure in local scope −

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   char name[20];
   int age;
   int salary;
   char add[30];
int manager(){
      char name[20];
      int age;
      int salary;
      char add[50];
   }manager ;
   return manager.salary;
int main(){
   printf("enter the name of emp1:");
enter the add of emp1:");    scanf("%s",emp1.add);    printf("
enter the salary of emp1:");    scanf("%d",&emp1.salary);    printf("
enter the name of emp2:");    // gets(emp2.name);    scanf("%s",emp2.name);    printf("
enter the add of emp2:");    scanf("%s",emp2.add);    printf("
enter the salary of emp2:");    scanf("%d",&emp2.salary);    printf("
emp1 salary is %d",emp1.salary);    printf("
emp2 salary is %d",emp2.salary);    printf("
manager salary is %d",manager());    return 0; }


When the above program is executed, it produces the following result −

enter the name of emp1:hari
enter the add of emp1:hyderabad
enter the salary of emp1:4000
enter the name of emp2:lucky
enter the add of emp2:chennai
enter the salary of emp2:5000
emp1 salary is 4000
emp2 salary is 5000
manager salary is 55000
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