Write a C program to print all files and folders.

File is a collection of records (or) a place on hard disk where the data is stored permanently.

By using C commands, we can access the files in different ways.

Operations on files

Given below are the operations which can be performed on files in the C programming language −

  • Naming the file
  • Opening the file
  • Reading from the file
  • Writing into the file
  • Closing the file


The syntax for opening and naming a file respectively is given below −

FILE *File pointer;

For example, FILE * fptr;

File pointer = fopen (“File name”, “mode”);

For example, fptr = fopen (“sample.txt”, “r”);

FILE *fp;
fp = fopen (“sample.txt”, “w”);

The syntax for reading from file is as follows −

int fgetc( FILE * fp );// read a single character from a file

The syntax for writing into file is as follows −

int fputc( int c, FILE *fp ); // write individual characters to a stream

The logic that we use to display the files and folders in current directory, where the program saved is explained below −

dr = opendir(".");
   printf("List of Files & Folders:-
");    for(d=readdir(dr); d!=NULL; d=readdir(dr)){       printf("%s
", d->d_name);    }    closedir(dr); }


Following is the C program for printing the files and folders in a directory −

int main() {
   struct dirent *d;
   DIR *dr;
   dr = opendir(".");
   if(dr!=NULL) {
      printf("List of Files & Folders:-
");       for(d=readdir(dr); d!=NULL; d=readdir(dr)) {          printf("%s
", d->d_name);       }       closedir(dr);    }    else    printf("
error while opening the directory!");    getch();    return 0; }


When the above program is executed, it produces the following output −

List of Files & Folders:-
accessing array.c
accessing array.exe
accessing array.o
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