Write a C program to calculate the average word length of a sentence using while loop


Enter a sentence at run time and write a code for calculating the average length of words that are present in a sentence



Step 1: declare character, int and double variables
Step 2: Enter any statement
Step 3: while loop
       Check condition stmt[i]=getchar()) != '
'        True then enter into loop        Increment I and call the function at step 5 Step 4: Print the average length return by function        From step 5 Step 5: called function calculatewordlength          i. declare and initialize             charcount=0 and wordcount=1          ii. while loop             check condition (*stmt != '
')             if it trues enter into loop             1.    if(*stmt != ' ')             2.    charcount++;             3.    else if(*stmt == ' ')             4.    wordcount++;             5.    stmt++;          iii. return (double)charcount/wordcount; STOP


double calculatewordlength(const char *stmt);
int main(){
   char stmt[100];
   int i=0;
   double avglen;
   printf("enter any statement:");
   while((stmt[i]=getchar()) != '
')       i++;    stmt[i]='
';    avglen=calculatewordlength(stmt);    printf("average length of word is:%f.
", avglen); } double calculatewordlength(const char *stmt){    int charcount=0;    int wordcount=1;    while(*stmt != '
'){       if(*stmt != ' ')          charcount++;       else if(*stmt == ' ')          wordcount++;       stmt++;    }    return (double)charcount/wordcount; }


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