Work-Life Balance - Quiz

For many people who lead severely imbalanced lives, the self-realization of the fact that they have irreparably ruined their lives comes too late. It’s only when someone whom they consider a close friend mentions it to them that they finally think.

Is your life imbalanced? Are you prioritizing certain areas of your life over seemingly irrelevant, yet equally necessary aspects? Take this quiz to find out!

S.No. Work-Life Balance Quiz Questions Agree Disagree
1 I work during my lunch-break.
2 I never exhaust my vacation leaves.
3 I haven’t missed on family functions mostly.
4 I don’t have enough control over my work life.
5 I am in control of my temper when in workplace.
6 I spend sufficient time with my near and dear ones.
7 I get sufficient time to enjoy my hobbies after work.
8 I feel exhausted even early in the morning, at times.
9 I have enough time for myself every day or every week.
10 I feel relaxed and comfortable only when I reach home.
11 On many occasions, I have felt over-burdened with work.
12 My family often complains about the time I spend at work.
13 Thinking about work comes naturally to me, even during rest.
14 I often worry about what direction my career is going towards.
15 I am often guilty of not giving time to everything I would like.

Quiz Scorecard

Once you are done answering the quiz, count the number of ‘Agrees’ you get −

  • If your score is between (0 – 5) − Caution! You are leading a highly imbalanced life. Make significant changes to your life

  • If your score is between (6 – 10) − Your life is just barely balanced. You are just about managing to give time to all things important in your life. A bit of change is needed for the perfect balance.

  • If your score is between (11 – 15) − Congratulations! You are absolutely on the right track! Your life is perfectly balanced. Happy living!

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