Work-Life Balance - Benefits

Unhealthy lifestyle can cause a lot of problems in health, family life, relationships and work. Knowing how to maintain a healthy balance not only improves your lifestyle but also increases productivity. There are hundreds of cases wherein it has been observed that improper ways of working has led to poor health, ugly conflicts in domestic life, neglecting household responsibilities, not maintaining family relationships and no time to pursue hobbies.

Benefits of a healthy balance between work and life leads to stronger relationships, as it makes possible spending sufficient amount of time with your family and friends. As a result, people find your company interesting and go out of their way to hear about your issues, and offer suggestions – be it business or personal life. It increases productivity by allowing people enough time to rest and take their minds off work by pursuing their interests and participating in their hobbies. This in return, boosts productivity and creativity.

In addition to increased productivity, a work-life balance also helps in attaining fulfillment in life. When a person begins to give equal importance to all the aspects of life, his happiness level will go up and he will be able to engage with their work with a renewed valor.

How to Get a Balanced Life?

The following list helps you to realize which area of your life you worry about the most and neglect the most, so that you can understand what needs to be done to address those issues.

The table has five essential areas that need to be addressed in order to have a proper work-life balance. After you have read the questions, you can write a short response to them. This will help you identify the next step you must take in your life so that you can give equal importance to all spheres of life and not miss out on any one of them.

Career Responses
  • For how many hours do I work per week?
  • Do I take my work to complete it back home?
  • Do I accept work-related calls while at home?

Relationships Responses
  • Am I willing to listen in case of a disagreement?
  • Am I available enough to be a good role model to my children?
  • Is my work getting affected due to disturbances in personal life?

Finances Responses
  • Am I facing debt worries?
  • Am I ready with my future’s budget yet?
  • Do I feel comfortable thinking about my finances?

Body & Health Responses
  • Do I exercise regularly?
  • Do I regulate how much caffeine I consume?
  • What should be the ideal time to sleep and wake up for me?

Personal & Spiritual Growth Responses
  • Am I able to schedule time for meditation?
  • DO I get enough time for self-reflection?
  • What can I do to strengthen my spiritual consciousness?

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Symptoms of an Unbalanced Life

What is the right time to notice an improper trend in the way you are leading your life? What are the things to look out for in a person’s attitude towards his job and family?

It has been widely observed that the first symptom of improper work-life balance is change in weight. People either lose or gain weight drastically due to high fluctuations in their eating habits. These weight and eating disorders are caused due to the absence of any orderly manner of eating healthy food. When you don’t give sufficient thought to what you eat, especially when you are surrounded by junk food, there is every chance that your weight goes out of control.

The second thing to look out for is exhaustion. A person who is not leading a healthy and happy life will always be a victim of exhaustion. If a person spends more time than is necessary at his work when his body needs rest, then he tends to develop partial insomnia, which could lead to dizziness, indigestion, clumsiness, irritation to accidents while driving.