Wi-Fi - Major Issues

There are a few issues that are assumed to be the cause behind the sluggish adoption of WiFi technology −

  • Security Problems − Security concerns have held back WiFi adoption in the corporate world. Hackers and security consultants have demonstrated how easy it can be to crack the current security technology known as wired equivalent privacy (WEP) used in most WiFi connections. A hacker can break into a WiFi network using readily available materials and software.

  • Compatibility and Interoperability − One of the major problems with WiFi is its compatibility and interoperability. For example, 802.11a products are not compatible with 802.11b products. Due to different operating frequencies, 802.11a hotspots would not help an 802.11b client. Due to lack of standardization, harmonization, and certification, different vendors come out with products that do not work with each other.

  • Billing Issues − WiFi vendors are also looking for ways to solve the problem of back-end integration and billing, which have dogged the roll-out of commercial WiFi hotspots. Some of the ideas under consideration for WiFi billing such as per day, per hour, and unlimited monthly connection fees.

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