Why IoT is the Backbone for Digital Twin?

The world of technology is undergoing a major shift as the Internet of Things & Digital twins revolutionize the way physical and digital worlds interact. With IoT serving as the vital link between the physical and digital, digital twins act as the virtual representation of their physical counterparts. If businesses want to truly unleash the potential of digital twins for products, processes, and people, IoT must be a key strategic consideration in 2020.

As sensor data and IoT technology capture the physical experiences of these three 'P's', a true digital twin can be created, offering unparalleled insights and capabilities. According to experts, the digital twin market will soon reach $16 billion by 2023 & IoT will play a major role in driving this growth. Unlike lesser terms such as digital replicas and shadows, digital twins are live and dynamic, meaning that any changes to the physical object will be reflected in the digital representation & vice versa. This powerful capability is made possible by the bi-directional link of IIoT, enabling transformative use cases that were once mere dreams.

IoT As the Backbone of Digital Twin

Unleashing the Power of IoT: See Your Product's Life Unfold with a Digital Twin

Gone are the days of relying on guesswork to develop new products. With the IoT revolution, you can find forth smart connected products. These products provide real-world data & feedback. It allows businesses to develop products that meet the needs of their clients. You can produce products better than ever before. With digital twins of products, engineers, and designers can gather behavioural insights of deployed products, allowing them to make informed decisions for future iterations.

What is more, the IoT-powered frame of reference also facilitates cross-functional collaboration, driving efficiencies and improving manufacturing and service processes. With this technology, you can even modify product features and improve part performance based on real-world usage data. This game-changing technology reduces scrap, rework & lead times while giving your business an edge over the competition.

Revolutionize Your Operations with Digital Twins: How IIoT Unlocks Real-Time Operational Intelligence

Are you struggling with disparate and black-boxed information sources in your industrial processes? IIoT is the key to unlocking unknown insights and integrating them with real-time and historical systems of record. By creating digital twins of connected assets & workers, you can gain a comprehensive system-wide view of your industrial environment.

You can improve essential manufacturing KPIs with IIoT through a process lens. Also, you can boost by enhancing the uptime of a single asset on your factory floor. You can also reduce bottlenecks and enhance operational visibility with a digital twin of your production line.

By harnessing the power of connected operational intelligence from diverse assets, you can gain 360-degree visibility in real time. It allows you to be flexible and agile, a necessity in today's rapidly changing markets and shifting customer demands. Do not get left behind - revolutionize your operations with digital twins and IIoT.

Revolutionizing Maintenance with IoT-Enabled Digital Twins

Gone are the days when product performance was a mystery to manufacturers and customers alike. The advent of digital twins with IoT has transformed the maintenance and service landscape, offered new revenue streams and drastically reduced asset downtime.

With the power of digital twins, remote service has never been more efficient. IoT's flexibility allows for real-time data sampling, enabling mission-critical systems to inform services, optimize resources, and even eliminate the need for on-site technicians.

Telemetry data can also be used to create a digital twin of the deployed asset, providing valuable insights into its health and predicting future maintenance needs through the use of machine learning and physics-based simulation techniques. By simulating historical performance against real-time sensor data, unplanned downtime can be minimized, and asset utilization can be further maximized. Get ready to witness a new era of maintenance with IoT-enabled digital twins.


Unleashing the Potential of Digital Twins! Imagine a world where machines can anticipate and solve problems before they even occur. A world where businesses can test & optimize their products virtually, before even producing a physical prototype. It is the power of digital twins - a technology that is revolutionizing industries.

With the advent of IIoT, digital twins are no longer just a futuristic concept, but a tangible reality. By integrating live data from products, processes, and people, digital twins offer a full-fidelity replica of their physical counterparts. It's time to kickstart your digital twin strategy and connect with many industrial experts who will guide you through the process. So hurry up, and explore the limitless potential of digital twins today.

Updated on: 16-May-2023


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